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Elektronica Beta designs innovative electronics and software to enable research on the cutting edge of science. We work in close collaboration with researchers from all beta domains to create an optimal solution in terms of time, money and requirements. Today we create that one-of-a-kind prototype for your scientific experiment and tomorrow we work together on a cost effective production version to bring to the market. We support several projects in the Demonstrator Lab and develop innovative electronics for our high-tech spin-offs. 

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We have a broad expertise in developing instruments for all types of experimental research within our beta faculty. We focus on design and prototyping of innovative electronic instruments and software. We have production facilities for a small batch and we can ramp up volumes by outsourcing to our production partners. More.


We can help with your experimental setup in many ways. From selecting and setting up your data acquisition and control system to purchasing that missing cable, we are here to help.

We have a small stock of electronic components and if we don’t have it we can order it for you. We designed and maintain the BIBRO system which is monitoring many -80/-20 freezers and other apparatus on the campus.

We repair and modify all sorts of laboratory equipment, please check out the procedure on VUNET. For your personal safety we perform NEN3140 electrical safety checks. Please contact your local laboratory coordinator for this.


We assist researchers valorise by bringing products to the (science) market. Together we develop research grade instruments into commercial products. There are lots of aspects to deal with in electronic product design, to name a few: requirements, quality, cost, ease of manufacturing, testability and legislation (CE). From the start we design with all these aspects in mind, this gives you a head start. We can assemble, test and deliver the first few orders to early adopters ourselves gathering as much experience as possible with minimal risks.

Find out more about our products. (link naar Products pagina / Tech4Science)


If you are a MBO/HBO student electronic engineering or HBO software engineering, Electronica Beta is a good place to be for your internship or final assignment. We have interesting projects and skilled professionals to assist you.

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