Science, Business and Innovation

Commercializing Scientific Knowledge in Business and Society

The Science, Business & Innovation (SBI) group at VU University is all about innovation and the successful valorization of scientific knowledge. SBI explores both the science behind innovations and the business and social aspects of innovations.

Scientific Themes

The central scientific themes are Life & Health and Energy & Sustainability. Both themes are of the utmost importance for government organizations, business and society. We live in an era where ecological, social and sustainable energy usage and health become increasingly important. Energy & Sustainability and Life & Health are the innovation themes of the present and of the future.

Educational Programmes

Together, the VU faculties of Sciences, Economics and Business Administration and Social Sciences offer a bachelor's degree programme and a master’s degree programme in Science Business and Innovation (SBI). Both programmes are rooted in the SBI research effort and aim to train academic professionals in the field of science driven innovation in business, knowledge institutes and government.