Neurosciences - CNCR

cncrIn 2003, the CNCR was founded with the mission to understand the mechanisms underlying brain function and dysfunction, providing new perspectives on diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases. Over the years, we attracted new generations of promising scientists, both nationally and internationally. They join us in this challenging, integrated and multidisciplinary neuroscience research endeavor. The center has been instrumental in pushing the frontiers of neurosciences.

CNCR enjoys a distinguished, international reputation as an innovative, experimental neuroscience center

CNCR advocates a true multilevel analysis of the brain. This requires research in an inspiring atmosphere of ‘laboratories without walls’. Along with a tradition of research on animal models of human disease, we focus on several complementary research themes ranging from synapse biology to cognition. We currently facilitate twenty research teams. The partnership of our CNCR team leaders drives neuroscience research, education and innovation.

The CNCR functions as the ‘department of Neurosciences’ in the Faculty of Science, and as an ‘expertise center’ in Amsterdam Neuroscience. 

Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research