Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

Research no longer takes place in isolation. For this reason, much of the research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam doesn't solely take place within faculties, but is also organized in interdisciplinary research institutes.

In addition, the faculty of Earth and Life Sciences participates in national research schools and Graduate Schools which mainly provide courses for PhD students. These external cooperative alliances strengthen our research and contribute towards its quality.

We participate in the following interdisciplinary research institutes:

Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems (AIMMS)

In AIMMS, 17 of the best research groups in pharmaceutical sciences, life sciences, computational life sciences and molecular sciences at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have joined forces. By integrating these scientific disciplines, AIMMS is aiming at the elucidation of molecular mechanisms of diseases and the development of novel and safer drugs, therapeutics (e.g. proteins, antibodies and other biologics) and diagnostics (e.g. molecular and translational biomarkers).

AIMMS website

Amsterdam Neuroscience

The mission of Amsterdam Neuroscience is clear: to improve understanding of the human brain and nervous system in health and disease by executing integrated basic, translational and clinical research. They do this by bringing together more than 850 clinicians, faculty and staff in the Amsterdam area, producing 1200+ publications per year, and performing research and clinical care amongst the best in the Netherlands and beyond.

Website Amsterdam Neuroscience

Integrative Bioinformatics Institute VU (IBIVU)

The IBIVU has a core Bioinformatics section which focuses on developing bioinformatics methods and a Systems Bioinformatics section which focuses on modeling biological systems. The IBIVU is supported by the Department of Computer Science. The main activities include the integration of bioinformatics activities and teaching bioinformatics at bachelor and master level.

Website IBIVU