Methodology and Applied Biostatistics

Methodology and applied biostatistics are core business in many research fields, but especially in health and biomedical sciences. Therefore, a proper education in this field is of paramount importance. The department of methodology and applied biostatistics is responsible for this education. Our people organise all courses in methodology and statistics at the Institute of Health Sciences, Biomedical science, Biology and Health and Life Sciences.
We give courses in epidemiology and basic statistics for bachelor and pre-master students, while for the public health research master we give a course in multilevel and longitudinal data analysis. All courses are strongly focused on the application, meaning that there are a lot of practical assignments in which we pay due attention to the interpretation of the results of statistical analyses.
Besides teaching, the department offers statistical consultancy for students as well as researchers in the life sciences.
Regarding research, the main interest is in the analysis of data from longitudinal studies. Within this general field, the people working in the department of methodology and applied biostatistics all bring in their own expertise, such as modelling, validation of prediction models, how to deal with missing data, clinimetrics and multilevel analysis.
Currently, the department of methodology and applied biostatistics is the only department without its own master program. However, we hope that from the study-year 2009-2010 onwards, a master program will be ready and running. This master will enable students in health sciences to become health science methodologists. The contents of the master programme will be strongly related to our own research.