VU Bachelor thesis award for Daniëlle van Spijker

22 October 2015
Daniëlle van SpijkerSpijker got the award for her research into the relationship between obesity and and sleep, observed in mice. During three months mice were put on a high fat diet that caused them to become obese. As a consequence they slept longer, but the quality of sleep reduced. The award was given during the 135th anniversary of VU University Amsterdam. Read more (in Dutch)

New book by Ingrid Steenhuis and Wil Overtoom: Terugval en verleiding (Weight Loss and Temptation)

08 September 2015
Terugval en verleiding This book is a practical guide to losing weight gradually, and how to tackle those difficult moments when temptation strikes. The method is supported by scientific evidence and uses theories and research from the fields of psychology, weight management and change management. Read more (in Dutch)

Motion gaming must be made more appealing

31 August 2015
BeweeggamesThe current generation of motion games do not compete strongly enough with regular computer games: this has been shown in doctoral research by Monique Simons. She investigated whether motion gaming can contribute to reducing teenage obesity. Simons advises developers to come up with improved versions of games and to bring these onto the market. Read more (in Dutch)

Excessive sitting or lying down during the day shortens the lives of elderly people

29 June 2015
Elderly people sit or lie down for an average of 10.3 hours during the day (known as sedentary behaviour). This is more than the average number of hours for any other age group. But this sedentary lifestyle takes its toll: the most sedentary 25% of elderly people are 83% more likely to die within 4.5 years compared to elderly people who do not sit or lie down as much. Read more (in Dutch)

Inaugural lecture Ingeborg Brouwer

16 June 2015
Ingeborg BrouwerOn July 1st, Ingeborg Brouwer accepts the Chair on Food for a Healthy Life with special attention to fatty acids. In Western countries people are getting older and nowadays most people do not die from infectious diseases or nutritional deficiencies, but from chronic diseases. Read more

Tackling malnutrition starts with hospital outpatient clinics

25 February 2015
Screening for malnutrition in hospitals has improved significantly: in 2007, only 51% of patients were screened on admission, while by 2012 this percentage had risen to 80%. Of the patients screened on admission, approximately 15% are malnourished. However, treating malnutrition during hospital stays is proving difficult. These are the findings of PhD researcher Eva Leistra. Read more (in Dutch)

Inaugural speech by Ingrid Steenhuis

24 September 2014
Ingrid Steenhuis To make our living environment less conducive to obesity, government, company restaurants, supermarkets and citizens need to take steps to modify their practices. In recent years, Steenhuis has conducted research in supermarkets, company restaurants and a cinema in order to test possible interventions. Read more (in Dutch)

New book by Jaap Seidell en Jutka Halberstadt: The Food Labyrinth

16 September 2014
Food labyrinthIn The Food Labyrinth, Jaap Seidell and Jutka Halberstadt offer a new perspective on the ways in which food can make us and our society healthier. Dietary advice alone gives insufficient guidance for a healthier lifestyle. The authors give an insight into the causes of our (eating) habits, as well as practical recommendations to change them so that we can eat more healthily and sustainably. Read more (in Dutch)

Ingeborg Brouwer appointed Professor Nutrition for Healthy Living

09 December 2014
Ingeborg Brouwer (section Nutrition and Health) has recently been appointed full professor Nutrition for Healthy Living with special focus on fatty acids. Goal is gathering and spreading knowledge on optimal food for health in a constantly changing society. Improving food and state of health of vulnerable groups will be a central focus. Read more (in Dutch)

Marjolein Visser on list Highly Cited Researchers 2014

17 June 2014
Professor Marjolein Visser has been selected in Thomson Reuters' Highly Cited Researchers 2014' that represents some of world’s leading scientific minds. She is among one of the top 1% of most-cited researchers worldwide within her field of study. The list is based on how often scientific articles are cited by other authors. Read more (in Dutch)

Professor Maurits van Tulder number one back pain specialist

27 May 2014
Maurits TulderRanking organisation Expertscape has proclaimed Maurits van Tulder the number one global specialist in the field of back pain research. Tulder tops a group of 33,200 other researchers who were evaluated in this ranking. This puts VU University in first place as regards research into back pain. The ranking is based on a number of peer-reviewed academic publications in Pubmed. Read more

One in three food bank users does not always have enough to eat

19 May 2014
Despite the assistance provided by food banks, one in three food bank users does not always have enough to eat. This is the finding of a study of over 250 food bank users from eleven different food banks across the Netherlands. The article, entitled ‘Food insecurity among Dutch food bank recipients – a cross sectional study’ has recently been published in BMJ Open, an open access, online-only general medical journal. Read more (in Dutch)

€9 million for the link between diet and depression: MooDFOOD

11 March 2014
moodfood;margin-left:10pxThe MooDFOOD project began on 1 January 2014. The project is being implemented by a European consortium of 13 partners and is led by Marjolein Visser and Ingeborg Brouwer of VU Amsterdam. Having secured a budget of nearly €9 million, the researchers will spend the next five years investigating how diet, nutrition and eating behaviour affect depression, and vice versa, how depression affects nutritional intake and eating patterns. Read more (in Dutch)

Raymond Ostelo appointed Professor of Evidence Based Physiotherapy

6 December 2012
Raymond OsteloAs from 1 december 2012, fysiotherapist and epidemiologist Raymond Ostelo has been appointed professor of Evidence-Based Physiotherapy. He has been involved in the development of various multi- and mono disciplinary evidence-based guidelines in the field of back pain. Read more (in Dutch)

Jaap Seidell appointed University Professor

16 November 2012
Jaap SeidellOn 1 January 2013, food scientist Jaap Seidell will be appointed University Professor at VU Amsterdam. His research focuses on the role of lifestyle in the prevention of chronic diseases. His work concentrates mainly on the causes and consequences of obesity. As an expert in this field, Seidell also advises various scientific organizations, including the WHO and the Health Council of the Netherlands. Read more (in Dutch)

Sugar in soft drinks causes invisible weight gain

28 September 2012
Suiker in frisdrank maakt ongemerkt dikChildren who drink soft drinks containing sweeteners instead of sugar over a period of eighteen months lose weight. This is the finding from research carried out at the department of Health Sciences among more than 600 Dutch children between 5 and 11 years of age. The research will be published in the prestigious medical-scientific journal The New England Journal of Medicine. Read more

Jaap Seidell new member of the KNAW

29 May 2012
Nutrition professor Jaap Seidell has been elected as a new member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The membership of the KNAW is made up of leading scientists from all scientific disciplines. Seidell is the forty-fourth VU scientist to be a member of the KNAW. Seidell is currently the director of the Department of Health Sciences of the VU University Amsterdam and the VU University Medical Centre. Read more

New book by Jaap Seidell and Jutka Halberstadt: Tegenwicht, feiten en fabels over overgewicht (Counterbalance: facts and myths about obesity)

29 March 2011
TegenwichtProfessor of Nutrition and Health Jaap Seidell and psychologist and researcher Jutka Halberstadt analyse the causes and consequences of obesity in adults and children, debunk some of the many myths and misconceptions that surround this subject and offer some solutions for the future. This book is a must for professionals in policy-making, education and health services and, of course, for those who are struggle to lose weight on a daily basis. Read more (in Dutch)

Professor of Nutrition Martijn Katan to retire

28 January 2011
Martijn KatanOn 28 February 2011, Professor Martijn Katan will give his farewell address entitled "In praise of nutrients". Since the 1970’s Katan worked on nutrition and health, focusing on diet and risk factors for cardiovascular disease. In 2003 he received the European Nutrition Award. He is a member of the Dutch Health Council – the Dutch equivalent of the US Institute of Medicine –, and of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences. In 2005 the latter awarded him an Academy Professorship. Read more

€1.5 million to tackle obesity

7 December 2010
Jaap Seidell and fellow obesity researchers have been awarded a grant worth €1.5 million by ZonMw for the project entitled Consortium for an Integrated Approach to Obesity (CIAO). The money is earmarked for the development of an effective, integrated and localized approach to obesity and research work. Read more (in Dutch)

Ingrid Steenhuis and Wilma Waterlander win 2010 EMGO+ Societal Impact Award

26 April 2010
Ingrid Steenhuis en Wilma Waterlander have been awarded the 2010 EMGO+ Societal Impact Award. The researchers got this prize for their research into food pricing strategies to stimulate healthy eating. The research was conducted for the Dutch Ministry of National Health, Welfare and Sports and is part of a broader doctoral research by Waterlander. Read more (in Dutch)

Project Virtual Temptation competes in Academic Year Award contest

15 April 2010
A team from the department of Health Sciences takes part in the contest of the Academic Year Award (Academische Jaarprijs) 2010. This contest is organized by NWO, KNAW, VPRO and NRC Handelsblad and involves the challenge to make an original translation of science into society. The Health Sciences team submitted a project entitled: "Virtual Temptation: Price and Marketing Influence in Food Choice." Read more (in Dutch)

Trans fat from dairy food also impacts cholesterol levels

29 March 2010
Ongunstige effecten van transvet op cholesterolgehaltesResearchers from the department of Health Sciences, who are funded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Netherlands Heart Foundation, have shown that natural trans fat also has adverse effects on blood cholesterol levels. Trans fat from milk and meat boosts levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol, while reducing levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol. Read more

Test with reducing fruits and vegetables prices

2 November 2009
Next year, the department of Health Sciences will conduct an experiment to study the effect of reduced fruits and vegetables prices in disadvantaged areas in Amsterdam. Aim is to find out if reduced prices of healthy foods will alter peoples food choices. Director Prof. Jaap Seidell elaborates on this subject in article that has been published in the news paper Het Parool. Read more (in Dutch)

Senior Societal Impact Award 2008 for Martijn Katan

27 October 2008
Martijn KatanThe jury of the Societal Impact Award 2008, led by chairman Rector Magnificus prof. Lex Bouter, has declared Prof. Martijn Katan winner of the Senior Societal Impact Award 2008. Katans research is regarded as excellent in science and innovative and has an important social impact. He has intensively cooperated with hi-tech food industries which led to a healthier constitution of foods worldwide. Read more (in Dutch)