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Assessment of pesticides in the Ethiopian Rift Valley

ATEAM: Tools for exposure assessment and biomonitoring

Chlorinated Paraffins

CleanSea: Towards a clean, litter-free European marine environment

DENAMIC: Developmental neurotoxicity of chemical mixtures in children

(Deoxy)nucleotides Analysis

ENFIRO: Alternatives for some brominated flame retardants

Flame retardant chemicals in breast milk


Hazardous chemicals in plastic packaging

HT-EDA: High-Throughput Effect-Directed Analysis


IMPACT: Analytical Development for Microplastics

Intervention in the Anthropocene


LINC Study: Linking EDCs in maternal nutrition and child health


Microplastics and the North Sea ecosystem

Microplastics in drinking water: A review and assessment of an emerging concern

Microplastics in the Dutch Environment

Microplastics Studies

Microplastics interlaboratory study and workshops

Neurotransmitter Analysis 

PETHUNT: Novel method for identification and quantification of PET microfibres in marine environments

Plastic additive exposure, lifestyle and diet in European women

Plastic waste streams, toxics and the circular economy

Quasimeme: Interlaboratory testing

Remote Sensing of Plastic Pollution

SHINE: (Non)-target screening of chemicals indoors

T20 Task Force Circular Economy

SUPFES: Alternatives for perfluorinated compounds

Toddler’s exposure to flame retardant chemicals

UNEP: POP's interlaboratory assessments

Zebrafish Research