Animal Ecology section


Our mission is to answer fundamental ecological questions regarding the evolutionary responses of organisms to environmental change, to partners in the community and to stress factors. We seek explanations for the evolution and diversity of traits by integrating molecular, organismal and community perspectives.


Our strategy is to make innovative contributions to the fundamental field of Ecology and Evolution worldwide and bring new insights to issues of societal relevance, such as nature conservation, soil pollution and sustainable use of life-support functions. This strategy also guides and inspires our teaching program

Research targets of the past 5 years

The strength of Animal Ecology lies in our ability to integrate adaptive processes across the broad range of biological organizational levels. There have been three prime research targets that connect the AE research from genes to communities:

  1. Uncover the molecular mechanisms underlying adaptive evolution of traits;
  2. Discover the evolutionary trajectories that govern species interactions;
  3. Develop a trait-based approach to provide a mechanistic understanding of community structure and a prediction for community responses to environmental change.