Sediment Laboratory

The Sediment Laboratory operates a number of labs and instruments dedicated to making fundamental measurements on sediment samples provided by a wide variety of customers. Customers include bachelor-, master-, PhD students, postdocs and other research staff from VU University Amsterdam and a large number of national and international universities and research institutes. We also provide services to various consultancy companies on a commercial basis.

Instruments and Facilities

Instruments for conducting and/or assisting with analyses of terrestrial and marine sediments include:

  • GeoTek Multi-Sensor Core Logger
  • Sympatec HELOS KR laser-diffraction particle sizer
  • Sympatec QICPIC dynamic image analysis sensor
  • Leco 701 Thermo-Gravimetric Analyser
  • Thermo Finnigan Elemental Analyser (CNS analysis)
  • Pollen slide preparation line and a variety of microscopes
  • Sieves
  • Sampling tools
  • Ample lab space for core description and sample preparation


In case you want to know more about possibilities and prices, please feel free to contact us! 

Martine Hagen
Telephone: +31 20 59 87378
Room nr: M-420

Dr. Maarten A. Prins
Telephone: +31 20 59 83635
Room nr: F-454