Fieldwork and Instrumentation Laboratory

The so called "fieldlab" manages all the fieldwork and research instrumentation regarding hydro geological, meteorological and geophysical equipment. The lab takes care of Instrumentation courses, field research drafting, data acquisition and consultancy. There is also a facility (electronic and mechanical) for developing new tools and sensors.

Hydro Geological Equipment

Ground and surface water discharge instruments, groundwater sampling, drilling equipment, data logging systems, water quality sensors, soil moisture sensors and samplers etc.

Meteorological Equipment

Wind speed, direction (acoustic), radiation, temperature, eddy correlation etc.

Geophysical Equipment

DC continuous electrical sounding (RET of CVES, on and off shore), Frequency domain EM, time domain EM (on and off shore), borehole logging (cased boreholes), including software for inversions and synthetic modelling. Refraction seismic equipment.

Recent and Current Tool Developments

  • In situ multi depth groundwater sampling tool for soft sediments
  • Multi sensor track for dike inspection
  • Multi depth groundwater conductivity monitoring tool


Michel Groen
Room: D-003
Phone: +31 20 59 87266