The clean laboratory is used for low-blank sample preparation for isotope and trace element analyses of a variety of geological and archaeological materials. Our HEPA-filtered clean room is divided into a larger unit for processing of normal samples, acid distillation and lab ware cleaning and a smaller area for ultra-low-lab sample preparation (total procedure blanks <20 pg Sr, <1 pg Pb and Nd). Each unit is equipped with multiple laminar flow workstations (ISO 6). The lab additionally hosts a balance room with 4 analytical and microbalances.
All procedures are carried out with de-ionised water (MilliQ®) and in-house double sub-boiled distilled acids. Samples are digested either in Parr vessels under high pressure and temperature or under low pressure in PFA vials on a hotplate. Elements are separated by ion-exchange chromatography using various self-made PE or PFA columns for isotope analyses by MC-ICP-MS or TIMS.

Dr. Kirsten van Zuilen
+31(0)20 59 86173