Fieldwork photos

For a number of years we have been running a fieldwork photo competition. All staff and students at the department of Earth Sciences are invited to participate in this annual contest. 

Below is the gallary of winning photos.


1st prize: Kees Kasse

© Kees Kasse
Field trip: Land van Saeftinghe, (Brabant)1st year Earth Sciences: Earth and Economics, April 2018

2nd prize: Jan-Berend Stuut

© Jan-Berend Stuut
“Lake-Eyre-office” made in Australia: large expanse of dried lake (source of dust!)

3rd prize: Dirk de Jong

© Dirk de Jong
Fieldwork in Cherskiy in 2018


1st prize: Pieter Vroon

Pieter Vroon ©
Pieter Vroon, Fieldwork Iceland

2nd prize: Ronald Vernooij
Ronald Vernooij ©
Ronald Vernooij, Fieldwork Brazil

3rd prize: Maarten Prins
Maarten Prins ©
Maarten Prins, Loss krullen in een lossgroeve nabij Kesselt, België


1st prize: Ove Meisel

Ove Meisel ©
Ove Meisel: Kytalyk (Кыталык) Nature Reserve, Siberia

2nd prize: Thomas Janssen
Thomas Janssen ©
Thomas Janssen, Amazon Tower

3rd prize: Clément Brustel
Clément-Brustel ©
Clément Brustel, Ice and fumaroles in landmannalaugar, Iceland


1st prize: Fraukje Brouwer

Fraukje Brouwer ©
Fraukje Brouwer: Sketching Pordoi view to Sella

2nd prize: Luca Belelli Marchesini
Luca Belelli Marchesini ©
Luca Belelli Marchesini, Sea shells protect the sand from being blown away on a beach of Texel

3rd prize: Ina Boehm
Ina Boehm ©
Ina Boehm, The hard life of geologists, Milos (Greece)


1st prize: Bernd Andeweg

Bernd Andeweg ©
Bernd Andeweg, During expedition on Jan Mayen (Northern Atlantic Ocean), heading for Egoya (Egg-island) to measure fault-orientations and to place detectors for mercury close to the fumaroles on top of the crater rim

2nd prize: Ron Lootens
Ron Lootens ©
Ron Lootens, Far East Siberia, Kytalik, Carbon research

3rd prize: Jef Vandenberghe
Jef Vandenberghe ©
Jef Vandenberghe, Climbing one of the tallest compound barchan dunes in the world (250-450m high; Badain Jaran desert, Inner Mongolia, China)