Educating the Science-Business Professional

All educational projects in the SBI division are concerned with the emergence of the science–business (SB) profession and the role of the SB professional (SBP) in both academia and business. Transferring science and technology to markets can take a variety of routes depending on the stage of development and the people and skill sets involved. An SBP may co-develop opportunities for exploitation as part of a team in a university or in the business world in a spin-off or a mature company. 

In both settings, the SBP connects with scientists and engineers and co-develops knowledge or technology into an exploitable commodity. The need for this type of science- and R&D-driven innovation professional is the starting point for the successful development and formal accreditation of two brand new educational programs: a 3-year bachelor’s program in science, business and innovation, and a 2-year master’s program in science, business and innovation. 

Both programs and all projects in these programs integrate fundamental sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics), life and health sciences, energy and sustainability sciences, business/social sciences, innovation and entrepreneurship. Within these two programs approximately 100-120 SB-projects are conducted and completed within large multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech spin-offs, tech start-ups, new ventures, tech-platforms, and business incubators.