IPA project


The NWO Veni project Intact Protein Analysis (IPA) is carried out by dr. Andrea Gargano. Proteoforms are essential to characterize protein activities, their relationships and ultimately cell status. Realizing isoform-specific analysis is needed, but very challenging. In the IPA project Gargano will develop technologies to overcome current limitations, using novel combinations of advanced separation techniques and innovative chromatographic materials. The IPA approach is based on the online coupling of two-dimensional liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. The proposed method will decrease the sample requirements and increase the analysis throughput, thanks to a reduction of the sample-handling steps, dilutions and losses. Moreover, the obtained information on the size, charge state and chemical characteristics of the analyzed species will be used in conjunction with mass-spectrometry data to increase the confidence in protein identification. This will help the development of applied proteomics  fore.g. biomarker discovery and cancer research.