CSC project

The Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) project “Analytical profiling of bioactive peptides and enzymes from snake venoms for drug discovery and snake bite treatment” is carried out by Chunfang Xie and supervised by dr Jeroen Kool. The project involves an integrated analytical approach consisting of liquid chromatography for separation of crude venom components in combination with parallel post-column bioactivity screening and mass spectrometry (MS). This so called at-line nanofractionation setup connects the analytical and the pharmacological parts in one platform. The approach will be applied for the rapid assessment and identification of profiles of e.g. haemotoxic compounds in snake venoms. Activities are correlated with accurate masses from the parallel MS measurements, facilitating the detection of components showing strong activity. Goal is to better understand the haemotoxic venom components responsible for causing pathology during snakebite.