Comenius Teaching Fellow 2017-2018; Diversity in Talents

Anna van Luijn (Comenius teaching fellow), Marjolein Zweekhorst and Sam Krouwel

Comenius Teaching Fellow

Diversity is an important topic on Universities, several projects on this topic aim specifically on admission and study success of students. In the Comenius Teaching Fellow 2017-2018, we focused at diversity at the end of the educational career of students at the Master Management, Policy Analysis and entrepreneurship in the Health and Life Science (MPA);  transition to the job market.  There is a major diversity in network and skills of the students and not all students experience this transition successful.

The project aimed to better prepare all  second year students of the Master MPA for this transition. This was done through training sessions and the organization of a big network event during the existing Science and Career seminar where students also present their internships.
The training sessions  focused on skills that are helpful when searching for their first job, planning careers and the students developed a basic network by inviting a guest speaker for the Science and Career seminar.  During the training sessions students learned from each other’s talents and through the guest speakers on the seminar, everyone had the opportunity to start their career with at least a few professionals in their network. As such, we aimed to provide everyone with equal opportunity to a great start of their career, also for students who do not yet have an extensive network of contacts.

In 2018, the revamped seminar was an  inspiring day on which the results of research could be shared with both commissioners and society. First year students presented their research during a dynamic poster conference and second year students filled dozens of presentation sessions. Several of these sessions were opened by acclaimed researchers, experienced foreign development officials and other inspiring speakers who were invited by the students.

The MPA seminar was generally viewed as a success with several of the guests commending the high quality of research and the presentations. In the coming years, the Athena Institute aims to further expand and develop the seminar to make the knowledge gained more accessible to society and further stimulate conversation between relevant societal stakeholders and our students. Should you wish to visit, note the 21st of June 2019!

The seminar also provides a great opportunity for organizations in search of quality graduates to meet our talent! Would you like more information, don’t hesitate to e-mail Sam Krouwel at (s.j.c.krouwel [at] or Anna van Luijn (

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Poster Conference

Photo: Poster conference during the Science and Career Seminar 2018

An impression of the presentation of last years projects