FIT4FOOD2030 is an EU funded project supporting the urgently needed change in the European food system as it is today. The current way of producing, processing, transporting, consuming and wasting food is not sustainable, particularly if we want to provide food and nutrition security for our future generations.

The European Commission (EC) has developed a policy framework – FOOD 2030 – identifying four priority areas for action: NUTRITION for sustainable and healthy diets, CLIMATE smart and environmentally sustainable food systems, CIRCULARITY and resource efficiency of food systems, and INNOVATION and empowerment of communities.

FIT4FOOD2030’s role is to support the EC with implementing FOOD 2030 by:

  • Setting up the FOOD 2030 Platform, which is a multi-stakeholder platform, mobilising a wide variety of stakeholders at the level of cities, regions, countries, and Europe. The platform consists of three interlinked levels. First of all, the EU think tank will serve as a link between the EC and Member States & Associated Countries. Second, Policy Labs will develop and align public and private R&I policies on FNS. Lastly, City Labs will engage with stakeholders at a local level and develop hands on training and educational activities to build competencies among students, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and wider society.
  • Setting up a lasting network by using a Community of Practice (CoP) approach, to make the emerging FOOD 2030 platform self-sustainable. A CoP is a group of people sharing an interest or profession, who can create innovative solutions and new practices.
  • Acquiring insights into food system trends, existing R&I policy frameworks, best practices (showcases) and future R&I breakthroughs.
  • Communicating effectively in a way targeted to different stakeholders, and to develop a plan for continued communication beyond the project, thereby maximising the impact of FIT4FOOD2030’s outputs and policy recommendations.
  • Raising awareness, of both FIT4FOOD2030 and the FOOD 2030 policy framework with its priority areas.

FIT4FOOD2030 is coordinated by the Athena Institute and works with 15 project partners from across Europe. For more information see the project website.

Amsterdam City Lab

The Athena Science Shop hosts Amsterdam City Lab, a place where people from all walks of life are invited to come together with the aim of understanding the kind of transformation their communities need to move towards a future-proof food system. Together with diverse stakeholder the lab will develop a set of educational activities that meet community needs and build competences. With students, researchers, professionals and citizens they will work on real societal concerns and learn actively at the crossroads between the classroom and society. The results will feed into the work of the Policy labs and EU Think Tank.

If you would like to learn more or become involved in the work of Amsterdam City Lab please contact Alanya den Boer: