OWL Colloquium

Platform for deliberating science-society inter-actions at VU University's Athena Institute

The call for science not only to contribute to the existing stock of knowledge but also to finding solutions for societal challenges grows ever louder, not in the least by funders of science and innovation. This leads scientists to rethink their role(s) and identities, in light of which various questions arise regarding problems to work on, methods to use, actors with different (disciplinary) back-grounds and forms of expertise to involve and ways of communicating and collaborating with these.

With its monthly OWL colloquium the Athena Institute aspires to stimulate an inter-, multi-, cross and trans-disciplinary process of deliberation about topics relating to the interface between science and society pertinent to all questions posed above—and more. Thus, speakers from all corners both within and without academia (CSOs, policy, business and industry...) are invited to present on empirical, theoretical and methodological developments topical to bridging the variety of gaps that complicate science and society interactions.


Below you'll find an overview of all of the OWL colloquia of the Athena Institute.

26-11-'15First Colloquiumprof.dr. Hans Boutellier
11-12-'15‘If we want more evidence-based practice, we need more practice-based evidence; dynamics of knowledge sharing’prof.dr.ir. Maria Jansen
28-01-'16‘Towards a Food Policy’prof.dr.ir. Gerard de Vries
26-02-'16An entrepreneur in participatory science and policy-makingdr. Menno van der Veen
14-03-'16Situated interventiondr. Menno van der Veen
17-06-'16Research regarding young people and sexualitydr. Anke van der Kwaak
24-06-'16Co-Creation in Health Innovationprof.dr. Ellen Moors
23-09-'16Citizen participation and representation in health caredr. Hester van de Bovenkamp
13-10-'16Hybrid bodies and the materiality of everyday lifeNelly Oudshoorn
24-11-'16Challenges to RRI®prof. dr. Arie Rip.
19-01-'17Thinking outside the box: unintended effects of international health initiativesdr. Dirk-Jan Koch
16-02-'17About the outcome and impact of public health and international health Master’s programmesdr. Prisca Zwanikken & prof. dr. Marjolein Zweekhorst
30-03-'17Making a difference? Nanotechnology and the quest for Responsible Innovationdr. Bart Walhout & Jantien Schuijer, MSc
22-09-'17Interaction Design for responsible Innovationdr. ir. Steven Flipse & dr. Pim Klaassen
26-10-'17Towards new evaluation approaches – and towards a new role for the designers of these approachesdrs. Leonie van Drooge & Anne-Floor Schölvinck
23-11-'17Discipline and incentivization as rival modes of governingdr. Guus Dix & drs. Cédric Middel
15-12-'17To tell or not to tell? The dilemma of disclosure of concealable stigmasdr. Arjen Bos & dr. Ruth Peters
18-01-'18Imaginaries of the future in sustainable development transitionsdr. Jesse Hoffman & dr. Tjerk-Jan Schuitmaker
23-03-'18How policy researchers maneuver between logicsdr. Eva Kunseler & Lisa Verwoerd