PhD Regulations

When you are starting your PhD programme you have to set up a Training and Supervision plan (TSP) with your promotor. This information also contains courses the PhD student needs to follow and has to be added to the PhD tracking system Hora Finita. Below you will find more information about that system. Also the promotor and co-promotor have to be approved by the department head and the dean. You find more information about this in the subject below “Educational Guidelines”.

Doctorate Committee

When the promotor and copromotor agree the thesis is ready to be read by a doctorate committee, the promotor will propose a composition of the committee. When approved the thesis will be judged by the committee. Also the list of courses done by the PhD student have to be approved by the PhD coordinator of the department. The complete file will be approved by the department head and the dean for admission to the defence.

Doctorate Regulations

PhD programmes at VU Amsterdam typically take three to four years, depending on the scientific discipline and the type of appointment and funding in question. Our Doctorate Regulations Dutch/ English and admission procedure apply to all PhD candidates regardless of their type of appointment. The Doctorate Regulations of VU Amsterdam cover issues such as admission to the PhD programme and the responsibilities and authorities of those involved in the programme.

Hora Finita

This trajectory has to be registered from the start in the VU PhD tracking system Hora Finita. For this you can contact the key-user of your department.

PhD Educational Guidelines

For every PhD candidate it is important to deepen the knowledge and skills, enabling them to become fully qualified scientists with an excellent perspective for a career of their choice. The educational programme for PhD candidates of the Faculty of Science provides for a variety of activities enhancing the academic, professional and general skills of PhD candidates. During the PhD period each PhD candidate is required to obtain 30 EC's. The details of this can be found in the PhD Education Guidelines.


Should you have any questions, please also contact the PhD coordinator of your department:

Email address
Athena Institute
Barbara Regeer
Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences (AIMMS)
Bas Teusink
Computer Science
Annette ten Teije
Earth Sciences
Wim van Westrenen
Ecological Sciences
Toby Kiers
Environment & Health (AIMMS)
Bas Teusink
Health Sciences
Maartje van Stralen
Institute for Environmental Sciences
Ad van Dommelen
Rob van der Vorst
Molecular Cell Biology (AIMMS)
Bas Teusink
Els Borghols
Physics & Astronomy
Gerhard Raven