Nanon Labrie contributes to book on the impact of pregnancy complications


This week the book Queen of Hearts was presented nationally on the popular late night talk show Jinek. The book, subtitled ‘the power of vulnerability’, tells the stories of six women and the complications they faced during and after pregnancy. One of those featured is Nanon Labrie, assistant professor and health communication researcher at VU Amsterdam’s Athena Institute.

Coronavirus: Updates and FAQs


Last change on Wednesday 28 October: update after the press moment of the Dutch Government

Ambitious and interlinked goals are needed to protect biodiversity


The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) recently announced that none of its 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets for 2020 has been fully reached. A ‘safety net’ made up of multiple interlinked goals is needed to tackle nature’s decline. This is according to research of a large international team of researchers, including professor Environmental Geography Peter Verburg at VU Amsterdam, that analysed the new biodiversity goals currently being set by the United Nations.

New method to capture the full dynamical complexity of animal movement


For centuries, physicists and mathematicians have strived to model and understand a large variety of complex dynamical patterns: from the way small molecules move, to the movements of planets and stars. Can we apply the same level of mathematical precision to understand how animals move? Tosif Ahamed, Antonio C Costa and Greg J. Stephens of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and OIST Graduate University give the answer in Nature Physics.

Forest and soil type determine how much carbon is released during forest fires in the northern hemisphere


Even more than the weather conditions, the amount of carbon in the soil determines how much carbon is released during forest fires in the northern hemisphere. This is the conclusion of research led by Northern Arizona University in collaboration with forest fire specialist Sander Veraverbeke of VU Amsterdam.

Amsterdam coalition publishes special AI edition in New Scientist


To highlight the importance of AI to a broader public, the Amsterdam coalition ‘AI technology for people’ has published a special AI edition in the October issue of the popular science magazine New Scientist. The special edition showcases some of the research, teaching and innovation in AI being carried out across the Amsterdam region.

Information about academic misconduct or breaches of examination rules in Online Proctoring


This letter from the Faculty Chairs of the SCIENCE Examination Boards provides you with more information on how the Faculty of Science deals with academic misconduct or breaches of examination rules in Online Proctoring.

Synthetic biology for the general public


The iGEM Amsterdam 2020 team, consisting of science students from VU and UvA, is collaborating this year with microbe museum Micropia. During the two weeks of the Dutch autumn holiday, the students will give daily workshops on sustainable microbes in Micropia.

VU Startups and NextRound competing to become ‘Best academic start-up in the Netherlands’

10-05-20 en NextRound are selected to compete with 18 other startups by the the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI) and Techleap to compete in the finals of the second edition of the Academic Startup Competition.

Faster decomposition of plant litter mixtures can affect climate change


Biodiversity is very important for decomposition, much more than expected, according to new research. This should somehow be taken into account when making CO2 and climate models.



A new microscopy technique that takes only a few seconds enables tissue to be viewed in 3D during lung cancer surgery, making it easier to assess whether the tissue is clear. This can cut down the operating time for patients and reduce complications and adverse effects.

Children eat more healthily when offered a healthy lunch at school


Children eat more vegetables and whole-grain or brown bread, and consume fewer sugary drinks when they are offered lunch at school. This is the finding of the 'Healthy School Lunch' project carried out by Wageningen University & Research and VU Amsterdam. In the project, children in the upper years of three primary school (in Amsterdam, Lunteren and Vlaardingen) were offered a healthy lunch for a period of six months. The complete results of the study were presented today during the online final symposium for this project.

Mark Hoogendoorn appointed Professor of Quantitative Data Analytics


VU Amsterdam’s Executive Board has appointed Mark Hoogendoorn professor in the Computer Science department, where he will hold a chair in Quantitative Data Analytics.

Pieter van Beukering appointed new portfolio holder for Economy at Wadden Academy


The Supervisory Board of the Wadden Academy has appointed Pieter van Beukering, Professor of Environmental Economics at VU Amsterdam’s Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), as its new portfolio holder for Economy. His five-year appointment will start on 1 January 2021.

Anouk Rijs appointed Professor of Analytics of Biomolecular Interactions


Chemist Anouk Rijs has been appointed Professor of Analytics of Biomolecular Interactions at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at VU Amsterdam with effect from 1 October 2020. The appointment is for 1.0 FTE.