Synthetic biology for the general public

The iGEM Amsterdam 2020 team, consisting of science students from VU and UvA, is collaborating this year with microbe museum Micropia. During the two weeks of the Dutch autumn holiday, the students will give daily workshops on sustainable microbes in Micropia.

10/08/2020 | 4:17 PM

The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition is an annual international competition in the field of synthetic biology. During the competition, students come up with creative solutions to worldwide problems. The prestigious competition is organized every year by the American top institute MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Students from all over the world participate, including the Amsterdam team.

Get microbes to make substances
The 2020 competition is still running: the ‘Giant Jamboree’, an exhibition of all projects, will be mid-November. The iGEM Amsterdam 2020 team is currently still working on their project: they combine and analyse metabolic databases to predict how they can get microbes to make substances that the microbes do not make themselves.

However, in addition to their scientific work, the students also want to tell the general public about their project on sustainable microbes, and they want to enter into a discussion about the impact that their project can have on society. That is why they will give workshops at the Micropia museum 10 October-25 October (autumn holiday) from 13:00 to 15:00 hours. They will take the visitor on a journey through their project and tell everything about their stable sustainable micro-factories.