Fabio Massacci appointed chair of Foundational Security

As of 15 August Fabio Massacci is appointed chair of Foundational Security at the department of Computer Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Massacci has joined the security researchers at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to work on a new Cyber Security Master’s programme and research.

09/11/2020 | 5:29 PM

His focus is on use-oriented basic research, in the spirit of Louis Pasteur, towards the discovery of causes and prevention of cyber-security incidents. Massacci: ‘When doing research it is important not only to look at the technical result but also at its broader impact on society. A broader view is also often a different view and this makes me occasionally a contrarian’.

An example is Massacci’s work on risk and regulations for cyber-security: ‘Not necessarily more rules and more technical solutions lead to broader adoption. Nor is a depiction of wily hackers as all powerful Sith Lords a good empirical description of reality that allows our society to adopt risk effective countermeasures. Experimental security research is a way to create a Science of Security.’

The new VU Security professor has a PhD in Computing from the University of Rome La Sapienza in 1998. He has been in Cambridge (UK), Toulouse (FR) and Siena (IT). Since 2001 he has been a full professor in Trento in Italy and he has published more than 250 articles on security. His current research interest is in empirical methods for security and security risk economics.

His students are now academics or industry researchers all over the world, including the Netherlands. his research has been presented in hacker fora (BlackHat USA and Asia), computer science and engineering (Transaction on Software Engineering, IEEE Symposium of Security and Privacy) and multidisciplinary venues for business and management (Risk Anslysis).