Student facilities

VU University offers excellent student facilities and resources on campus, including cafés, restaurants and shops.

Computer facilities
The VU offers pllenty of computer facilities and study rooms for its students. All faculties have their own study and computer rooms, often combined. Students can also study in the faculty libraries. In addition to each faculty’s own resources, VU University Amsterdam also has central facilities like the VU Media Experience.

The University Library is located in the VU main building. Within the Library there are several facilities for working and studying:

Cafés, restaurants and shops
From the first cup of coffee in the morning to a delicious hot meal at the end of the day: the campus has a wide variety of cafés and restaurants to satisfy any craving. A welcoming, vibrant campus where people spend more and more time should boast a wide variety of shops, and more and more shops are indeed opening up on Campusplein. In addition to the VU bookshop, the Klavertje Vier bike repair shop, and the Fair Trade shop, the student supermarket also recently opened.

VU Sports Centre
VU Sports Centre is a dynamic organization with three locations. All locations offer fitness facilities. Most of the classes are in the late afternoon and evening. Popular classes are spinning, Zumba, BBBB, Xco and much more. They also offer some active and tough sports like kickboxing and krav maga. And for the teamplayers of course basketball, volleyball, futsal and the accompanying social club activities. Check the VU Sports Centre website to see what sports they offer.

Receive information about courses, download sheets, start a discussion with a group, take online tests and find links to websites that could help you with your studies (these webpages are password protected. Students can log in with their VUnet ID).

Registrate directly for courses and exams (these webpages are password protected. Students can log in with their VUnet ID).