PhD candidates

For people with a recognised Master's degree, VU University offers the possibility of earning a doctorate, or the Anglo-Saxon PhD degree. Every year, over 300 PhD students complete their research at VU University, thereby making an important contribution to academic research. The process of earning a doctorate normally takes four years or more and consists of conducting independent research and writing a dissertation. 

Another important aspect of the programme is to attend and give lessons. If you would like to be admitted as a PhD student at VU University Amsterdam, please check the academic vacancies to see what places are available. 

The Netherlands is one of the few countries in Europe and in the world, where PhD students, in principle, have employee status: they are employees of the university. In many other countries, they are registered as students, or have to finance their PhD with a scholarship. We have accommodation available for our PhD’s. Depending on the availability, we can offer accommodation for a maximum period of one year (Short Stay Housing). Furthermore, we have a limited number of studios available for our PhD’s for the complete period of their PhD project (PhD Housing).

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