Mathematic and SFM Intership reports online

The master project can be carried out under supervision of the Vrije Universiteit or the University of Amsterdam, or externally, within a company or research facility other than one of these two institutes. The internship papers of an external master project can be found here. The internship paper is a written reproduction of the internship.

For more practical information about internships: internship guide.

Internship Reports

StudentTitle Mathematics or SFM Internship ReportSupervisor
Ján Sivicek
'Predicting future events for companies by analysing articles of financial newspapers' (Confidential), August 2018dr. Rikkert Hindriks
Daphne van Leent
'Brand preference in social networks' (Confidential), August 2018dr. Bert van Es
Moumna Ratna
'The effect of firetruck relocations on the performance of firefighter service providers' (.pdf-file), December 2017prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Arjan Bontsema
'Predictive modeling and feature engineering for cost reduction of skimming fraud detection' (Confidential), October 2016dr. Eduard Belitser
Jan Klein
'Modelling Incident Management' (Confidential), September 2016prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Anne Frances Appelman
'Fire Engine Travel Times. Analysis of Travel Times and Optimal Dispatching Decisions' (.pdf-file), August 2016
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Linda Klaasse Bos'Regression Analysis on the Influence of Irrigation on Potato Growth' (Confidential), June 2016dr. Fetsje Bijma 
Thijs Bootsma
'Pipeline Scheduling under Uncertainty. Ceci n’est pas une pipeline problem'(Confidential), April 2016
dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Tobi Kooiman'Negative Rates in Financial Derivatives' (.pdf-file), December 2015dr. S. Borovkova
Viktor Gregor'Safety Risk Assessment for Aircraft Fuel Management' (.pdf-file), July 2015prof. dr. Michel Mandjes en dr. Bartek Knapik
Stefano Blumberg
'Model Fitting and Parameter Estimation of Neural Mass Models' (.pdf-file), June 2015dr. Fetsje Bijma
Rob Sperna Weiland'Liquidity Risk in the Sovereign Credit Default Swap Market' (.pdf-file), August 2014dr. Eduard Belitser en Peter Spreij
Anna Tossenberger
'Optimization of Production Scheduling at Refineries' (Confidential), July 2014
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Joost van 't Schip
'Investigations into the performance of POD-Galerkin models for laminar flows' (.pdf-file), July 2014prof. dr. André Ran
Casper Koning
'TROPOMI's Aerosol Layer Height Algorithm: Interpretation of the retrieved height parameter' (.pdf-file), April 201
prof. dr. André Ran
Frank Blom
'A performance evaluation of secure comparison protocols in the two-party semi-honest model' (.pdf-file), March 2014
prof. dr. Rob de Jeu
Barbora Zuzáková'Optimal emergency medical service system design' (Confidential), May 2013dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jurrien Knibbe'Statistical analysis of total column ozone data' (.pdf-file), March 2013Prof. dr. Mathisca de Gunst
Aris Meems'Het doorgeven van vertraging' (Confidential), August 2012dr. Federico Camia
Danilo Pochini'Sterftekansen gedifferentieerd naar rokers en niet-rokers' (Confidential), July 2012prof. dr. André Ran
Rens Bankras'Dynamic Pricing bij het Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest' (Confidential), June 2012Alwin Haensel (Dipl. Math.)
Dennis Tesselaar'Bayesiaanse Netwerken met continue variabelen voor fraude-onderzoek' (Confidential), July 2011dr. Wouter Kager
Geertje Zuidhof'Capacity Planning of Ambulance Services: Statistical Analysis, Forecasting and Staffing' (.pdf-file), July 2010dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Beata Ros'Modeling cancer progression as reflected by DNA copy number data', July 2010dr. Mark van de Wiel
Petra Tol'Voorspelling van Boodschappenlijstjes', juli 2009dr. Marianne Jonker
Sebastiaan Keus'Routeoptimalisatie. Een financiële analyse' (.pdf-file), november 2008dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Ronny Gunawan'Concurrent Access to Mobile Networks. Processor Sharing Servers in Parallel' (.pdf-file), mei 2008dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Lillian van Zanten'Een wiskundige benadering voor het bepalen van de grootte van klinische afdelingen' (.pdf-file), augustus 2007dr. Rene Bekker
Jun Li'Hedging Euromts Bond Index Futures with Euribor Futures' (.pdf-file), augustus 2008dr. Federico Camia
Rick Duursma'Matching procedure for a discrete fluid flow model' (.pdf-file), juni 2007prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Arno Weber'Portfolio Oportunity Distributions. Een simulatietechniek voor performance evaluatie van beleggingsmanagers' (.pdf-file), mei 2007dr. Harry van Zanten
Mèlanie Bronkhorst'Een simulatie tool voor de beoordeling van herverzekeringscontracten' (.doc-file), februari 2007dr. ir. Geurt Jongbloed
Erica Marsman'Dynamics of MRSA carriage in the Dutch population' (.pdf-file), januari 2007prof. dr. Joost Hulshof