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Research Paper Business Analytics 2016-heden:

NameTitle Research Paper Business AnalyticsSupervisor
Samuel Derks
"Lung nodule detection using regular and difference features" (Confidential), July 2020
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Ruben Helsloot
"Estimating demand satisfaction in an e-scooter sharing environment through simulation" (Confidential), June 2020
dr. René Bekker
Xiomara Dilrosun
"Modeling Electric Vehicle Replacement with Discrete-time Markov Chains" (.pdf-file), April 2020
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Kevin Rojer
"Re-optimization Frequence for the Local News Sentiment Level Model" (Confidential), February 2020dr. Svetlana Borovkova
Lester Jones
"Optimizing Patient Appointment Scheduling using Variable Interval Time slots" (.pdf-file), February 2020
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Dieuwertje Kardolus
"Prediction of hospital bed occupancy. Time series forecasting with neural networks" (Confidential), January 2020
dr. René Bekker
Tom Boersma
"Predicting non-response to methotrexate therapy for rheumatic patients" (Confidential), November 2019
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Noam Blitz
"Pizza Delivery Time Estimation" (Confidential), October 2019
dr. René Bekker
Anne Fischer
"Generating Text From Latent Space. Creating novel news headlines from latent space using a Variational Autoencoder" (.pdf-file), August 2019
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Inez Wensing
"Predicting the Outcome of open Trajectories within Dutch Hospitals by using Machine Learning" (Confidential), July 2019
Jaap Storm en prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Yuval Pappie
"Predicting online toxic content" (.pdf-file), July 2019Jesper Slik en
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Joshua Touati
"Deep Reinforcement Learning for End-to-End autonomous driving" (.pdf-file), July 2019"
Jesper Slik en
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jeroen Kits
"Predicting outcomes of professional darts matches using Hidden Markov Models and Elo rating" (Confidential), May 2019prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Sofie de Geus
"Image Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks", May 2019prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Ruben Stam
"The effect of street network properties on the incidence of burglary" (Confidential), May 2019dr. Elenna Dugundji en Maria Mahfoud MSc
Anouar Darrazi
"Gradient boosting trees for car insurance claim prediction" (Confidential), April 2019Qingchen Wang
Ruth Wijma
"Object Segmentation in Overhead Imagery using Capsule Networks" (Confidential), April 2019dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Maarten Kleinrensink
"Generating realistic human sensor data using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks" (.pdf-file), April 2019
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn en Ali el Hassouni
Emils Vavere
"Investigating the usefulness of structural equation modelling for service quality in a SaaS delivery model" (.pdf-file), April 2019prof. dr. Ger Koole
Marjolijn Cornelissen
"Factorization Machines" (.pdf-file), March 2019prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Roos Seelen
"Reliability of a booking within AFKL Cargo" (Confidential), March 2019prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Etienne van de Bijl
"Function Identification in Single Node Queuing Systems using Genetic Programming" (.pdf-file), March 2019
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Carl van Roon
"Time-Series Forecasting Methods In Call Centers" (.pdf-file), March 2019prof. dr. Ger Koole
Thijs Tiedemann
"Discrete-event simulation of the Accident & Emergency with regards to the 4-h completion time target”. A Research Project for Business Analytics" (Confidential), February 2019
dr. René Bekker
Bjarty Garcia
"Modeling of patient flow in stroke care" (Confidential), February 2019
dr. René Bekker
Sebastiaan Berendsen
"Predicting Drug Concentration Using Genetic Programming." (Confidential), February 2019
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Hans Nuijt
"The Limitations of P-values: an Appeal for Alternatives" (.pdf-file), February 2019prof. dr. Ronald Meester
Sascha van Weerdenburg
"Predicting drug serum concentrations using a Long Short-Term Memory network" (.pdf-file), February 2019dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Josan Preijde
"Learning from Adverse Events in Hospitals. A machine learning approach to predict which hospital patient records need to be investigated for adverse events" (Confidential), February 2019prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jeroen de Korte
"Hospitality Revenue Management. Theory versus Practice" (.pdf-file), January 2019prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Vincent Jansz
"Forecasting Short-term Mood for Depressive Patients in Therapy" (.pdf-file), January 2019dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Mark de Blaauw
"Image Verification with Siamese Capsule Networks" (.pdf-file), January 2019Ali el Hassouni
Ellen Mik
"New Product Demand Forecasting. A literature study" (.pdf-file), January 2019
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Robin van Ruitenbeek
"Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering for Product Sales Forecasting" (.pdf-file), January 2019prof. dr. Ger Koole
Daan Crebolder
"Sample-Efficient Optimizers: Bayesian Optimization vs. CMA-ES" (.pdf-file), December 2018prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Rob Wanders
"Predicting number of transactions with Echo State Networks" (Confidential), November 2018
Floris den Hengst
Ciska Mohrs
"Prediction of Incidence of Residential Burglary with data about street geometry" (Confidential), November 2018
dr. Elenna Dugundji
Wilte Falkena
"Solving the container relocation problem using tabu search" (.pdf-file), November 2018
drs. Bernard Zweers
Cor Woudt
"Traditional Forecasting Applied to Retail Demand" (.pdf-file), November 2018"
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Mathijs Koopman
"Direct Marketing Optimization. Optimizing the email marketing strategy of an airline using data modeling: a literature study" (.pdf-file), November 2018
drs. Bernard Zweers
Ronald van Zwienen
"Effectiveness and efficiency of the CMA-ES algorithm" (.pdf-file), November 2018
prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Anne Jonker
"The gender pay gap in the technology sector" (.pdf-file), November 2018drs. Bernard Zweers
Christine Vinck
"Towards a Practical Predictive Maintenance Solution. From sensor data to the detection, diagnosis, and prognosis of equipment failures" (Confidential), November 2018prof. dr. Ger Koole
Laurèl Joannes
"Predicting the most common autoimmune diseases - An experimental comparison of methods for multi-label learning using tree well known classification algorithms" (.pdf-file), November 2018dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Marcoen Beeks
"Derivation of the Shannon Entropy for Parameters that Captures Driving Tasks" (.pdf-file), October 2018dr. Elenna Dugundji
Marnix Maas
"Community detection - the Kemeny constant as cluster quality function" (.pdf-file), October 2018
dr. Elenna Dugundji en Daphne van Leeuwen
Barend Verkerk
"Beating the bookie in the football betting market without using extensive match data" (.pdf-file), October 2018dr. Eduard Belitser
Jiri Brummer
"Optimizing Community Detection Using the Kemeny Constant" (.pdf-file), October 2018
dr. Elenna Dugundji en Daphne van Leeuwen
Lucas van der Wall
"Economic Simulation Engine" (.pdf-file), September 2018
dr. Svetlana Borovkova
Jurn Ullrich
"Research paper" (vertrouwelijk), September 2018
dr. René Bekker
Robin Vastenou
"Automated Localization of Lung Nodules" (.pdf-file), September 2018
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Roy van der Heide
"Home Credit Default Risk" (confidential), September 2018
Qingchen Wang
Daniela Zamora Uribe
"A discrete choice model to determine the effect of land-use properties on the incidence of residential burglary" (confidential), September 2018
dr. Elenna Dugundji en Maria Mahfoud MSc
Alissa de Bruijn
"Predicting car insurance tenure" (Confidential), August 2018dr. Eduard Belitser
Jurriaan Besenbruch
"Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques" (.pdf-file), August 2018prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Kilian Koreman
"Predicting the traffic density on Dutch highways using car sensor data" (Confidential), August 2018dr. Elenna Dugundji
Fenna Miedema
"Sentiment Analysis with Long Short-Term Memory networks" (.pdf-file), August 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Shanita Biere
"Hate Speech Detection Using Natural Language Processing Techniques" (.pdf-file), August 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Menno Rotteveel
"Effect of Introducing a Time Factor in the Container Relocation Problem" (.pdf-file), July 2018
drs. Bernard Zweers
Simone Spierings
"Text Mining & the Crisis Chat Conversations from 113 Suicide Prevention" (confidential), July 2018
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Remco Vrinzen
"How to predict first travel experiences for new Airbnb users using machine learning methods" (confidential), July 2018
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Ieva Brantevica
"Investigating the relation between First Call Resolution and Average Handling Time in a call center" (.pdf-file), July 2018
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Caleb Mensah
"Forecast of the KLM lounge Occupancy" (confidential), July 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Bjorn Blom
"Multi-resource Revenue Management solutions in Hotel Industry" (confidential), July 2018
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Larissa Westerdijk
"Predicting malignant tumor cells in breasts" (.pdf-file), July 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Eva van Brummelen
"Optimizing shift scheduling and task allocation in long-term care facilities to reduce waiting times" (.pdf-file), July 2018
dr. René Bekker
Maiky Chintoe
"Predictive modeling of credit repayment using imperfect information" (confidential), July 2018
Qingchen Wang
Jeroen van Kasteren
"Predicting Cancer with Deep Learning. Predictive Modeling of Colorectal Cancer using Deep Learning on Routine Electronic Medical Records" (.pdf-file), June 2018
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Igor van Houte
"Early Exercise Opportunities for American Call Options on Dividend-Paying Assets" (.pdf-file), June 2018
prof. dr. André Ran
Tim Elfrink
"Predicting the outcomes of MLB games with a machine learning approach" (.pdf-file), June 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Tijmen de Zwart
"Time-Aware Neighbourhood-Based Collaborative Filtering" (.pdf-file), May 2018
Ruben van de Geer
Florentine van Hees
"Continuously Changing Correlations. How to model a correlation between risk factors?" (.pdf-file), April 2018
dr. René Bekker
Joël Gastelaars
"Assessment scores as a predictor of your future performance and potential" (.pdf-file), April 2018prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Ilse Goedhart
"Predicting INGs IT Performance using Quantile Regression" (confidential), March 2018
Floris den HengstMsc
Emma Schipper
"Predicting the rental turnover rate of a housing corporation" (.pdf-file), March 2018
dr. Eduard Belitser
Pablo Bosch
"Predicting the winner of NFL-games using Machine and Deep Learning" (.pdf-file), February 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Emil Rijcken
"Warehouse Process Optimization" (vertrouwelijk), February 2018dr. René Bekker
Judith Bol
"Flexible capacity in clinical pathways" (.pdf-file), February 2018
dr. René Bekker
Anya Pechina
"Optimal Pricing for Airbnb Listings in Amsterdam" (confidential), February 2018
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Claudia Sulsters
"Simulating Formula One Race Strategies" (.pdf-file), February 2018
dr. René Bekker
Steven Postmus
"Recommender system techniques applied to Netflix movie data" (.pdf-file), February 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Rik van Leeuwen
"Cancellation Predictor for Revenue Management applied in the hospitality industry" (.pdf-file), February 2018
prof. dr. Ger Koole en Daniel Hopman MSc
Daan Bakker
"Clustering in graphs. Using clustering methods in graphs for insurance fraud detection" (confidential), February 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Dennis Kraakman
"Predicting Drug Concentration Levels using Machine Learning Techniques" (confidential), February 2018
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Arjan Bontsema
"Detecting anomalous transactions with autoencoders" (confidential), January 2018
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Thomas Heeneman
"Lung nodule detection by using Deep Learning" (.pdf-file), January 2018dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Bernard Bronmans
"Lung Nodule Segmentation Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks" (.pdf-file), January 2018dr. Evert Haasdijk
Leidy Esperanza Molina Fernández
"Recommendation System for Netflix" (.pdf-file), January 2018
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Tirza Jochemsen
"Comparison of theory and practice of revenue management with undifferentiated demand" (.pdf-file), January 2018
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Kasper Meijjer
"Scrap rate prediction" (confidential), January 2018
dr. Evert Haasdijk
Desmond Cheung
"Optimization of Work Schedules in Nursing Homes" (confidential), December 2017
dr. René Bekker
Veronika Zhezhela
"Predicting customer preferences using RFM analytics" (.pdf-file), December 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Marius van den Bergh Weerman"Selecting the right variables for the mortality parameter study of Vivat" (confidential), December 2017
dr. Eduard Belitser
Brian Verweij
"Predicting 30-day readmission probabilities and duration until readmission at the Intensive Care" (.pdf-file)
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Bart van Aalst
"Prediction of inflight sales for KLM. Predicting likeliness to purchase for known loyalty members" (confidential), November 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Ratna Agung
"Selecting a Stock Portfolio Using the Ensemble Methods Revenue Predictions and Margin of Safety Estimations" (confidential), November 2017
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Luc Severeijns
"What is blockchain? How is it going to affect Business?" (.pdf-file), November 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jan-Willem Feilzer
"Optimizing High School Placement in Amsterdam through Ant Colony Optimization" (confidential), November 2017
dr. Evert Haasdijk
Arno Hendriksen
"Analytics on pension valuations" (.pdf-file), November 2017
dr. Eduard Belitser
Jantine Flendrie
"Arrival patterns and wait time at metro stations" (confidential), October 2017dr. René Bekker
Laura van der Bijl
"The Robustness Of Non-Decreasing Dynamic Pricing" (.pdf-file), October 2017
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Dino Spirtovic
"Function Discovery in Queuing Models with Genetic Programming" (.pdf-file), October 2017
dr. René Bekker
Derek van den Elsen
"Santander Customer Satisfaction" (.pdf-file), October 2017
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Oksana Kachaniuk
"Trinomial Decision Tree Method Applied to European Options" (confidential), October 2017
prof. dr. André Ran
Jeroen Hörters
"Session-Based Queueing Systems. Modelling, Simulation, and Approximation" (.pdf-file), September 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Milou Meeuwisse
"Predicting Train Delays at First Departure" (vertrouwelijk), September 2017
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
David Lotten
"How To Best Determine Scheduled Block Times For A Dutch Airline" (.pdf-file), September 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Shanti Bruyn
"Blockchain: an introduction" (.pdf-file), August 2017
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Omesh Debipersad
"Predicting the use of fire department materials at an incident" (.pdf-file), August 2017
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Marjolein Bosson
"Forecasting mortality time series" (confidential), August 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Georgios Christos Chouliaras
"Predicting participant behavior and dropout in a physical activity experiment using machine learning" (confidential), August 2017
Bart Kamphorst MSc BA
Jesper Slik
"Limited Edition Product Sales Forecasting" (confidential), August 2017prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Ashvin Jayaraj
"Cluster-based Forecasting for Laboratory samples" (.pdf-file), August 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Mark Vermeer
"Predicting travel behaviour based on smart card data" (confidential), August 2017
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Wouter den Duijn
"Measuring the distribution of the punctuality for passengers on a train journey with zero or more transfers" (.pdf-file), August 2017
dr. mr. Bram Gorissen
Julian Alferink
"Lung nodules detection in CT scans using CAD systems" (confidential), July 2018dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Kylie van der Moot
"Determining optimal airline seat prices using booking curve predictions and a price elasticity estimation on a flight level" (confidential), July 2017
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Sinit Tafla
"Generic entity resolution approach" (confidential), July 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Suzanne van der Velden
"The prediction of show ups at the doctor" (.pdf-file), July 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Nils Mackay
"Predicting goal probabilities for possessions in football" (.pdf-file), July 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jan van der Vegt
"Purpose-Based Destination Recommender" (confidential), May 2017
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Sil Grosscurt
"Data Science in a World of Plants - Predicting Weekly Sales" (confidential), May 2017
prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Mark Menagie
"Predicting risk of mortality with a temporal pattern mining approach" (confidential), May 2017
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Yura Perugachi-Diaz
"Correlation in Linear Regression" (.pdf-file), May 2017
dr. Bartek Knapik
Marloes Boxelaar
"Shift scheduling in a Nursing Home using Simulated Annealing" (.pdf-file), May 2017
dr. René Bekker
Rozemarijn Veldhuis
"Predicting Individual Employee Turnover using Machine Learning Techniques" (.pdf-file), April 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Laurens Bos
"Scale and Flexibility in the VUmc's clinical wards" (confidential), April 2017
dr. René Bekker
Chi Chun Wan
"Lung nodules detection in CT scans" (.pdf-file), April 2017
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn en dr. Evert Haasdijk
Francien Meijer
"Detection of lung nodules in CT scans: Comparison between different machine learning techniques" (.pdf-file), March 2017
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Valeria Fonti
"Feature Selection using LASSO" (pdf-file), March 2017
dr. Eduard Belitser
Manon Wintgens
"Predicting the profitability level of companies regarding the five comparability factors" (.pdf-fiel), March 2017
dr. Eduard Belitser
Dimitry Erkin
"The Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problem" (.pdf-file), February 2017
prof. dr. Ger Koole
Babiche de Jong
"Optimizing the planning of the one day treatment facility of the Vumc" (.pdf-file), January 2017
dr. René Bekker
Kevin Land
"Statistics and Accountancy. (How) Does financial audit have to cope with the Multiple Testing Problem?" (confidential), January 2017
dr. Wessel van Wieringen
Jeffrey de Deijn
"Predicting fire brigade incidents" (.pdf-file), January 2017prof. dr. Rob van der Mei
Job Ammerlaan
"Solving Markov Decision Processes with Neural Networks" (.pdf-file), January 2017
prof. dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Abel Hijmans
"Dutch football prediction using machine learning classifiers" (vertrouwelijk), January 2017
dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Jullian van Kampen
"Predicting colorectal cancer with the aid of temporal patterns" (.pdf-file), December 2016
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
HMN Yousaf
"Analysing which factors are of influence in predicting the employee turnover" (.pdf-file), November 2016
dr. Sandjai Bhulai
My Loan Tong
"Statistical Analysis on Cultural Differences in Grading Employees" (confidential), November 2016
dr. Bartek Knapik
Linda Koetsier
"Making a robust prediction of the future mortality among insured at Vivat" (confidential), November 2016
dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Nikita Galinkin
"Identifying News Articles in Dutch Tweets" (.pdf-file), October 2016
ir. Marijn ten Thij
Marieke Kortsmit
"Process Mining: a comparatieve tool study" (confidential), October 2016
dr. Hendrik Leopold
Hanna Nap
"Predicting the connection between mobile devices and cookies" (.pdf-file), October 2016
prof. dr. Guszti Eiben
Pjotr Roelofsen
"Determining the capacity of the central registration desk of the VUmc", August 2016
dr. René Bekker
Hessel Jonker
"The number of urgent calls per nurse" (.pdf-file), July 2016
dr. René Bekker
Erwin Huijzer
"Predicting Partial Churn in Air Cargo using Deep Learning" (confidential), July 2016
dr. Julien Hubert
Priy Werrij
"Clustering Ordinal Survey Data in a Highly Structured Ranking" (.pdf-file), July 2016
dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Koen Koopen"Predicting Exchange Applications. Using statistical models to predict the number exchange applications of VU students" (confidential), July 2016dr. Bartek Knapik
Suzanne Wetstein"Beating election polls with Twitter. A visualization study" (.pdf-file), Julyi 2016dr. Bartek Knapik
Bram Rodenburg
"Deep Learning in Histopathology" (pdf-file), June 2016
dr. Ted Meeds
Irene Oudshoorn"Predicting Website Performance" (confidential), June 2016dr. Fetsje Mone - Bijma
Ivo van der Stap
"Approximating queueing functions with simulation and data analysis" (.pdf-file)
dr. René Bekker
Sabine Goezinne"A genetic algorithm for kidney transplantation matching" (.pdf-file), March 2016dr. René Bekker en dr. Kristiaan Glorie
Tobias Dekker"Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Low Voltage Grid" (confidential), March 2016dr. Eduard Belitser
Adnan Kuhait"Features selection. Small-n large-P sparse GLM: case study" (.pdf-file), February 2016dr. Eduard Belitser
Kwongyen Mok"Early prediction of mortality at the Intensive Care Unit" (confidential), February 2016dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Tamara Ockhuijsen"Carry-on hand luggage prediction" (confidential), February 2016dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Ali el Hassouni"Datadriven models for mortality assessment at the Intensive Care Unit" (.pdf-file), February 2016dr. Mark Hoogendoorn
Léon Roeterdink"Finding the minimum level of ship emissions within a port" (confidential), January 2016dr. Sandjai Bhulai
Else Wolfswinkel"Effects on Waiting Times when Pairs are Prioritized in Kidney Paired Donation" (.pdf-file), January 2016dr. Kristiaan Glorie en dr. René Bekker
Youri van Son"Process Analysis of Mortgage Applications" (confidential), January 2016dr. Evert Haasdijk