For students (VUnet - Login)

How do I know whether my registration at VU has been completed? 
a.    Go to VUnet – complete application. 

How do I find my way at VU?
-    Campus map
-    Virtual tour of the campus square 
-    Ask your study association for handy places such as a place to print/copy, (uncommon) study places, bookstore, Faculty/University student council and canteen.

What should I know about the digital environment Canvas and VUnet? 
You can reach them through or Canvas is a digital learning environment, which teachers use to share learning material with students. VUnet provides you with all practical matters around your studies. This is where you find information, regulations, contact forms and more.

Course registration
For every course you take, you should enroll at VUnet.
a.    You can do so per period, before the end of the registration term. Here, you’ll find the registration periods and more information on enrolling.
b.    You are automatically enrolled for the final exam in the course.
c.    You should enroll yourself for any midterm exam, and any resit you might want to take.
d.    Are you not following the course anymore? Please sign out through the enrolment page.
e.    What should I do if I forgot to enroll for my courses?

I didn’t pass my exam. What can I do?
You always have a second chance. Do make sure to sign up for the resit yourself, as this isn’t done automatically. You can register until two weeks before the resit at the latest. 

What should I do if I didn’t enroll for a course or resit, but still want to participate and the exam is tomorrow?
Always take the exam, despite your status of enrollment. After you have finished the exam, make sure to file a request for enrolment to make the result count.  

What can I do when I study with a functional disability? Can I get extra time or other special facilities (during an exam)? 
You should have indicated this when completing your application. If you haven’t done so, please contact your academic advisor as soon as possible.
Where can I get advice or counselling during my studies? 
Academic Advisors can help you or guide you during your studies. Study choices, for example, but also help with studying or personal problems. Online, you can make an appointment through the contact form on VUnet.

Where can I purchase my books?
You can purchase these at the VU bookstore. Through the study guide, you can find which books you need. Through your study association, you get a discount on purchasing them.
What is a year schedule and what can I do with it?
In the year schedule, you will find the (optional) courses of your studies, per period. Find it on under your degree.

What is a study guide and how to use it?
The study guide provides you with all the information on the courses of your degree. For example mandatory or optional courses with corresponding course codes and the amount of European Credits (EC). 

Where to find my timetable?
After you have enrolled for courses, they become visible in your personalized schedule.

Where to find my grades and results?
These will appear on VUnet after they have been uploaded by your teacher. If you didn’t enroll for this course, you cannot see your grade.

Dutch language proficiency test
All students following a Dutch-taught bachelor degree programme or specialization, must take the compulsory Dutch language proficiency test in September. Students who follow an English-taught degree programme or specialization must take the compulsory English language proficiency test. You will be registered for the test, please refer to your timetable for the planned date and time of the test.

This year, these language proficiency tests are administered online. To make sure you are able to take the test at home, you must perform a Testvision check a few days in advance.

If your mark is below the required standard, you will need to take a compulsory refresher course, including a final test.

Students who have previously passed the language proficiency test or who have successfully completed the refresher course, are eligible for an exemption. To request an exemption, please go to VUnet.

On the Taalloket website you will find more information about the Language Proficiency Test and the refresher course.

If I have already passed the language test in another bachelor’s degree, do I still have to pass it again?
If you already have passed your Dutch test and now you would have to do it again, you can request exemption. The same goes when you are registered for two Dutch bachelor’s degrees. However, if you have passed a Dutch language test and an English test is required, you will still have to do the English language test.

Is there an organization at VU that looks after the interests of students specifically?
At the faculty, we have the Faculty Student Council (FSR); centrally, there is the University Student Council (USR).

Examination Board
Contact details and information on regulations, rules and guidelines in education and examination 

International Student Support
Contact details and practical information for international students

Studying abroad
Information on studying abroad

VUnet instructions
The presentation is meant to introduce you to the various web pages you will encounter during your studies;, Canvas, VUnet and Also, you learn all about (how to find) important information.

Faculty introduction

General welcome and safety theory: what if I have missed this?
Unfortunately, there is no option to review the theory. Ask your study coordinator if it is necessary and whether additional information is available.

When are the practicals of the fire safety instructions and am I obliged to pass them?
In the study guide you will find whether you should pass the fire-fighting instruction. The tests are in your timetable; find them at