Tim Miltenburg

Tim Miltenburg - consultant‘I advise companies on how they can improve their sustainability’

What kind of work do you do?
“For PwC, I audit the sustainability data that companies compile about themselves, such as annual reports. I also work as a consultant, advising companies on how they can improve their sustainability. For example, I test out business models for them.”

Which part of the campus do you have fond memories of?
“The computer room on the third floor. It was there that I got talking to a girl two years ahead of me studying Science, Business & Innovation (SBI). I already knew her by sight, but had never spoken to her. After that, we often met up to work together there. She’s now been my girlfriend for four years. We both work as consultants – I’m at PwC and she’s at Deloitte, the big competitor.”

Is it a coincidence that you both work in consultancy?
“Not really, two good friends who did the same degree with me have also become consultants. SBI is a very wide-ranging degree that teaches you to look at innovations both scientifically and commercially. I sometimes joke: if you want to be a consultant, go study SBI.”

Which lecturer stood out most in SBI?
“For marketing, we had lectures from a man who was totally full of himself. He always wore suits that were slightly too tight, talked about what he earned just a bit too much and wrote exam questions in which he bought himself expensive cars. But he was a great lecturer, precisely because of his sheer conviction.”