Rijco van Egdom

Rijco van Egdom ©Yvonne Compier‘We always sat in the inflatable pool on the balcony’

What does your work involve?
“I make television programmes for children, mainly focusing on science and nature: De Buitendienst and Het Klokhuis. My aim is to explain complicated subjects as clearly as possible while also making an exciting programme. For example, we explain how the heart works by having someone race past body parts on a go-kart track.”

How did you end up at NTR broadcasting?
“When I was a student, I did an internship at NTR, when it was still called Teleac. After graduating, I spent two years producing the educational signage for Artis zoo before contacting Teleac again. I started out as a web editor, then a camera journalist before becoming editor of a nature news programme (Nieuws uit de Natuur). Together with colleagues, I revamped the programme and it’s now called De Buitendienst.”

Where does your interest in the moving image come from?
“As a student, I was very active in the Gyrinus Natans faculty association. Every year, I attended the introduction week, as a mentor or working at the bar. When I became too old for that, a friend and I came up with a cunning plan: we suggested making a video report for the organization. It worked. That’s how I discovered my passion for filming and editing.”

How was life as a student?
“Great fun. I lived in the Zuid-Oost area of Amsterdam, with twelve biomedical and biology students. We always sat in the inflatable pool on the balcony, cooked meals together and organized parties. We still see each other and have occasional weekends away. I made my best friends during that time.”